Used with a helium leak detector, our hood clamshell tool is a device to test leak tight by helium sniffing. The hood clamshell tool is a CERN 's discovery (www.cern.ch). Its goal was to test the connexions of the LHC without tracing gas.


3S-Specialized Sealing Solutions propose this solution for industrial applications. The hood clamshell tool brings up many advantages :


  • use in open circuit or under operation, test possible from first weld bead
  • helium leak test by outside isolation, tracing gas is not mandatory
  • portable device permits test on site and in workshop
  • easy and fast to operate (less than 5 mins)
  • test welds, junctions, open pipes
  • thanks to the hood clamshell tool, it will be easier to manage your preventive maintenance.



Watch the explicative video.





Another advantage of the hood clamshell tool is that it can also capture a leakage. Coupled to a secondary or storage circuit, the hood clamshell tool is ideal to limit a pollution by leakage and permit to hold until the next programmed maintenance. Moreover, we can produce hood clamshell tool resistant to very corrosive gas.


Check out our documentation of this innovative product.